Check Out These Gadgets For Students

The little things can attract you when you are at university. You arrive on campus, fresh and ready to go, but before you know it, you’re a few weeks into the new semester and you have a long list of little things you forgot to pack. You can also think of unpretentious items that could make a big difference in the way you work and play at school. To keep you from catching up, we’ve rounded up the best gadgets for school under so you can cross the most important ones off your list before you head to campus.

Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is Amazon’s most popular smart speaker for one reason: it’s small, sounds pretty good for its size, and does a lot more than just listen to music. Students will appreciate that it doesn’t take up much space on their desk and that they can ask Alexa to play music from Spotify, Apple Music and other services whenever they want to host an impromptu dance party in their dorm room. And since it plugs into an outlet, you never have to remember to charge the Echo Dot like you would with a portable speaker. When a task hits them, students can ask Alexa for help. Are we suggesting that you ask Alexa for answers to all your homework riddles? Not exactly, but at least it will be fun to see how much the voice assistant actually knows about a particular topic.

Anker Powerline Cable

If you are a student, there is nothing worse than realizing that your iPhone has 2% of its battery in the middle of a long day of classes, extracurricular activities and study sessions. The powered cable that came with your phone probably served you well, but if you have a second, longer cable, you can get power in difficult situations, even if the nearest outlet is on the other side of the room. We’ve been fans of Anker’s Powerline series for a while now, and this 10-foot USB-C to Lightning cable is worth investing in. Not only is it MFI certified, so it works well with all Apple devices, but its length gives you a lot more flexibility than your standard 3-foot cable. It also supports fast powered if you have a suitable adapter to use it. And for those who don’t have an iPhone, Anker has a 10-foot USB-C to-C cable, which should also serve your phones well.

Incase Bionic Accessories Organizer

Staying organized is the key to staying healthy at school, and that goes for your digital and body fundamentals. For the latter, the Bionic accessory organizer from Incase is just the right size to serve as both a case and an “everything else” bag. It has a number of pen loops inside for those who prefer to take handwritten notes, but it also has a number of pockets of different sizes that can easily hold things like your portable hard drive, an extra phone charger and even a compact wireless mouse. And unlike those inexpensive pencil cases you’ll find in the one-dollar store, this one is made of recycled materials in the ocean, the equivalent of seven plastic bottles.