Dorm Room Essentials For Students

The college will be back in session soon, which also means that a new group of new students will start living in the student dormitory. If this applies to you, we think it’s a good idea to stock up on important things for your new little house before you arrive, especially if you’re not at home for the first time. We have, of course, technical recommendations, but not everything on this List is a Gimmick. That’s because we also wanted to cover the other things that will bring you the comforts of home in your dorm and hopefully make student life less stressful.

Hario V60 Kettle

Whatever your morning drink of choice, an electric kettle makes it much easier to quickly prepare hot water. The Hario V60 kettle is particularly useful for those who like pouring coffee, because its thin gooseneck spout allows a slow and even pouring. But it is also ideal for tea, hot chocolate or instant Ramen. We also like the stainless steel design that makes it easy to clean. The biggest drawback is the lack of variable temperature settings – something tea Snobs might think is necessary. If this is a must, we recommend the Cuisinart CPK-17, which has six preset heat settings for different types of tea.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2


College life is not just about learning – you want to party and enjoy your favorite music, and for this you need a speaker that is more powerful than the one on your Smartphone. A portable Bluetooth speaker like the UE Wonderboom 2 is the best way to do this, as it offers better audio quality than your phone and the battery lasts up to 13 hours. We also love the Wonderboom 2 because it offers great sound in a compact package that is both cute and easy to carry. And don’t worry about dropping it, because it’s sturdy enough to withstand a five-foot drop. It is also IP67 certified to be dustproof and waterproof, so feel free to bring it to the beach too.

Yamazaki Home Office Organizer

You may not have a large desk in your dorm room, which makes a desk organizer all the more important. We recommend this one from Yamazaki Home, as it offers easy floor storage for items such as keys and coins, as well as a compartment for pens, pencils, sunglasses and more. You can also support your phone against the frame, turn it into a temporary phone holder and hang your watch and jewelry on your arm. Using the vertical space is especially convenient because you probably don’t have a lot of extra space on your small desk in the dorm. We also like the minimalist Design that goes well with your space.

Stasher bowls and bags

Snacks are a necessity, whether for after-night learning sessions or to watch the recent Netflix show. We love these reusable silicone bags and bowls from Stasher, because they allow you to store your favorite snacks. They are also suitable for the microwave, which allows you to reheat meals or even prepare popcorn. They come in a number of different sizes, so you can get a few that fit your favorite snacks or even meals if you are interested in food preparation. And they are not just there to eat. You can use them to store makeup, jewelry, small accessories and more, which also makes them good options for traveling.