Google Pixel Smartwatch

We’ve been playing Peek-a-Boo for ages with Google’s teased/leaked/rumored Pixel Smartwatch, but due to the existence of real hardware, everything seems a little more real.

Unfortunately for someone who probably worked hard on Google’s offer to dethrone The Apple Watch (or at least develop a more convincing Android wearable), they left the circular Smartwatch prototype in a Restaurant. Oops.

There is a heart rate monitor, proprietary buttons and bracelet fasteners (boo) and, well, not much more to add. The watch wouldn’t make it past your home screen, so now we have to dream about what WearOS 3 will look like. Such intoxicating dreams!

This is not the biggest problem with the lost prototype property. More than a decade ago, Apple engineer Gray Powell left a prototype of the iPhone 4 in a Bar, and Gizmodo made the leap to what Apple had planned for the iPhone, which set the pace for Smartphones at the time. All this ended in litigation.

Will this pixel Watch leak end the same way? I’m not sure, but Google could handle advertising when it comes to its Wearables.

British scientists analyzed the Genome of 12,000 Tumors.

A team of British scientists has analyzed the entire genetic heritage of 12,000 tumors from NHS patients and discovered 58 new mutations that provide clues to their possible causes. The team used data from the 100,000 genomes project and developed an algorithm called FitMS, which allows clinicians to easily access new information.

The company will probably weigh the proposal this week.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is reviewing Musk’s takeover bid again after the billionaire announced that he has the financial backing to close the deal. When Musk first announced that he was willing to pay billion to buy the social media giant, and said at the time that it was his “best and last offer,” it was generally expected that Twitter would join the proposal.

Twitter declined to comment on the report. When Musk first announced his offer, the company said it was committed to a “careful, comprehensive and conscious review” of the offer. It is very likely that we will learn in the coming days how Twitter intends to act.

The Digital Services Act could reshape the Internet beyond Europe.

After a 16-hour marathon of negotiations, the European Union reached an agreement early Saturday on the adoption of the Digital Services Law. The legislation aims to impose greater responsibility on global technology companies once the law takes effect in 2024.

He will also have teeth: The EU will have the power to punish tech companies up to six percent of their global turnover for violating the rules. And the Guardian calculated: for Meta, this would result in a single potential fine. Sam Rutherford’s investment in an ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP portable monitor is paying off. With a selection of peripherals provided free of charge, many ports and refresh rates of 240 Hz, it could be better than your old existing monitor, not Portable at all.