Pepper Mill Is My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

My point here is that there are a ton of pepper mills out there that don’t cost two Benjamins and are more than capable of getting the job done. But despite this, I love my pepper spray gun and since I received it, it has quickly become one of my favorite kitchen assistants.

OK, now that I’ve toasted my overpriced pepper grinder, let me at least put up a defense. Although I’ve always hated the word, I’m kind of a foodie, and during the recent times, cooking was one of the few activities I could still enjoy when I was locked inside. And given the increase in the number of people learning how to make bread from scratch and all the social media food trends over the last two and a half years, I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so.

Some time ago, while I was looking for ways to upgrade my kitchen gadgets, I came across Männkitchen’s Kickstarter campaign for the pepper spray gun. Like many people at the time, I used inexpensive pre-filled pepper grinders from the supermarket. But after cooking more during the recent times, I was frustrated at how boring the use is. Due to their poor-quality components, starting the mill often felt like trying to open a jammed cucumber jar. And even if I was able to get a trick or two, I was often left with a large pile of pepper sand, so small that even Anakin could not irritate him.

The biggest problem was that after testing countless models in stores, I never really found an upgrade that had the design or performance I was looking for. Many pepper mills look as if they were made from a handrail of a pre-war brownstone. If that’s your style, fine, but it doesn’t work in my kitchen. Most importantly, I wanted something simple, durable and easy to use that would allow me to adjust grind sizes while throwing large pepper hills.

Then my mistake came, because after I found the pepper spray gun, I forgot to save it in time to get the early bird discount. is still a lot for a pepper grinder, but it’s definitely less than. Thank Goodness my wife is thoughtful and encourages my silly passions, so last year she bought me one for Christmas after it went on sale for the holidays. And I can’t thank her enough, because in many ways it’s a perfect gift. It’s so expensive that you can’t really justify buying it for yourself, but you want it anyway, so you need someone to give you a loving nudge.

So, again, while the price is a bit outrageous, the pepper spray gun really provides everything I wanted and needed. The thing is machined from a large piece of Aluminum, it has an adjustable grinder with stainless steel burrs, a one-touch top that makes refilling super easy and a built-in collection cup. Oh, and he absolutely pumps the pepper. The first time I heard about this, I thought it was silly to call it a cannon, but after owning one for six months, it makes absolute sense. In addition, I should mention that it is so difficult that you can even use it to stop a house invasion.

At this point, some of you may be wondering, who the hell needs so much pepper? That’s right, this mill seems exaggerated. But nailing spices is one of the best ways to improve your cooking, and I bet there are many people who would be surprised at the difference an extra pinch of salt or pepper can make on a dish. Fortunately, salt is easy because it doesn’t have to be freshly ground a lot. But pepper certainly does, and as the test kitchen of America confirms, freshly crushed berries contain many tasty volatile compounds that disappear from pre-ground things when placed in a box. Whether I’m doing a spice rub or pumping out a bunch of good stuff for cookies and gravy, it’s really nice to have a quick and reliable way to process large quantities of fresh black pepper.

However, I must emphasize that even such an expensive pepper grinder is not perfect. The O-ring on the capture cup is a little too tight for my taste, although I doubtful it will get better when it collapses over time. It is also available only in black, which may not be suitable for all kitchen decorations. And because it’s so expensive, I don’t want to buy a second one for white pepper or other spices. But these are really the smallest Nitpicks, because in any other meaningful way, this is basically my perfect pepper grinder.

Honestly, my biggest concern about buying such an expensive pepper grinder comes from a Fight Club scene. In some ways, paying a 5-fold premium for a kitchen appliance feels like a byproduct of a lifestyle passion. No one wants the things they own to own them in the end. But then I remember that the search for a beautiful pepper grinder did not come from the desire to put a trophy on my counter. It’s a way to improve a hobby that I have a passion for. I love to cook and I hope my family will enjoy the results. Of course, the pepper gun is an extremely luxurious kitchen appliance, but it is still just a tool.